Body Itchy – How To Deal With It

Is Your Body Itchy? Here’s How To Deal With Annoying Body Itch


Body Itchy

A body itchy rash causes an uncomfortable feeling and is something that irritates most people. Usually, such itchy body rashes are caused by stress. Most people who experience body itches relate them to the unreleased stress and tension felt on a daily basis. Stress can cause rashes and itching of the scalp due to hormone release. There are many other causes for a body itchy rash. Sometimes it can also be caused by insect bites or by allergens that can be found in dust or in food.

A body itchy rash may also be a sign of an internal problem that can be dealt with by eating the proper food and by living a hygienic lifestyle. A body itchy rash can also be prevented in many ways. First way is by taking regular baths, second by applying ointment to insect bites and preventing yourself from eating food such as seafood that may cause your body to itch.

What else makes your body itchy?

Although rashes may be caused by a lot of different factors, getting rid of them is easy. The simple application of ointment or cream on the rash may resolve the itch right away. For people who are stressed, which is the main cause of the body itchy rash, they should try taking anti-stress pills and try living a more active and stress free routine. Drinking healthy fruit juices and eating vegetables may also help in dealing with stress. De-stressing every weekend by engaging in recreational sports or by doing leisurely activities it may also help in preventing the body itchy rash from occurring. There are many other ways to prevent a body itchy rash from coming back or from happening in the first place. These tips will help you prevent and cure body itches.

  • Recreational activities can make your body itchy
  • Body massages and spas
  • Eating healthily and exercising regularly
  • Using hypoallergenic and fragrance-free lotions on the body
  • Taking daily baths and using anti-bacterial soaps
  • Moisturizing the skin daily

Most people fail to moisturize their skin. This is also one of the things that could make your body itchy.


Dry skin may cause irritation and flaking that may make your body itchy. Moisturizing after your shower may help the skin soften and may prevent itching from occurring. It may also serve as an insect repellent. Usually, insect bites such as those of bed bugs and mosquitoes, may cause itching of the body. Be sure to always clean your room and bed properly so that insects would not nest in them.

Cleaning the household and eating food that do not cause allergic reactions may also help in preventing a body itchy rash. A body itch may be caused by allergies that may come from food or dust mites and sometimes even from clothing. Be sure to wear clothes that do not irritate the skin like wool or leather. Wear clothing that is not too tight on the skin allowing it to breathe and also clothing that is not too hot to wear. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Eating food that may cause rashes such as seafood should be avoided.

Crabs, clams and prawns are the most common causes of body rashes. If you have experienced the occurrence of rashes from eating seafood before, always be sure to have taken your medication so that you won’t be troubled by a body itchy rash again, if eating seafood cannot be avoided.